Top 6 best Sony headphones

Home, walking, hiking, long-distance travel, and flights will require headphones that have a different set of options and features, as well as size and design. It is unlikely that you will be comfortable traveling, if the backpack contains a model of heavy overhead, and even with a long cable. Sony engineers have been developing a line of headphones year after year to meet the most demanding user requirements. Especially for you, we have selected some options that have the most positive ratings.

Wireless headphones

Sony WH-1000XM2 – noise reduction and automatic tuning

These headbands have a clever personalization feature. Thanks to which noise cancellation is automatically adjusted according to your usual listening style and even height. For example, during a flight.

There is a special application that can be downloaded to mobile. With it, there is an adjustment of various parameters.

Headphones make it possible, if necessary, to hear what is happening around. They do not have to be removed during a conversation; it is enough to touch the touch panel on the side of the case. With it, control also occurs (switching tracks, etc.). Hands-free conversations are available.

The Sony WH-1000XM2 charges quickly: after just 10 minutes of recharging, you can continue to enjoy audio for an hour.


  40mm power drivers with a diffuser;

  reproduction of frequencies up to 40 kHz;

  no distortion;

  clear bass;

  clear and customizable equalizer;

  control sound direction.

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Sony WF-1000X – auto power off function and up to 9 hours of listening with battery case

Wireless headphones WF-1000X sit in the ears very tightly and do not bring discomfort. Ear hooks are ergonomic and securely hold the earbuds in place so that they do not fall out. Small, only 6 mm, the speaker produces high-quality sound without distortion.

Noise reduction mode allows you to stay alone with the songs or to monitor what is happening around. The setting is carried out from a convenient application for a smartphone, where there is an equalizer.

During idle time, headphones are automatically turned off, saving charge. The inclusion of music occurs with one touch, as well as making calls or answering calls.


  interesting minimalist design;

  compact size;

  high-quality sound;

  charging case allows you to replenish energy on the road.

Overhead headphones

Sony MDR-Z1R – clear sound


Premium class headphones have a body with a rim of beta-titanium alloy, which bends and returns to its former shape. Ear cushions trimmed with sheepskin, which gives additional comfort to the user.

HD speakers in 70 mm are responsible for the purest sound. Audio is played in high resolution, and the maximum frequency is 120 kHz. Supplied complete with a rigid case for transportation and storage, as well as a connecting cable (4.4 mm).


  acoustic filter;

  stereo sound;

  excellent sound insulation;

  realistic sound and powerful bass.


  heavy and big;

Sony MDR-1A – extended audio range and high resolution audio support

The headphone case has a comfortable metal bezel. Pads are covered with soft material, similar to genuine leather. Cups tightly clasp the ears, increasing noise insulation.

A large 40 mm speaker ensures high-quality sound. The MDR-1A reproduces audio up to 100 kHz, preserving the original sound of each song.


  both deep bass, top notes, and subtle vocals are accurately transmitted;

  high sensitivity and loud sound on any system and device;

  closed headphones do not let the sound out and suppress external noise;

  balanced cable included;


  bass overload is sometimes noted.

In-ear headphones

Sony XBA-N3 – hybrid sound and comfortable fit

Headphones fit perfectly into virtually any ear canal. This is due to the small size of the plugs and the special design that the company’s engineers have worked on. In this case, the device produces an excellent and clear sound, reproducing a wide range of frequencies.

Rich sound and detail here are provided with an innovative system. The soundstage is enhanced by an open, larger enclosure and stronger airflow.


  powerful bass, sonorous high and natural mids;

  small case;

  carrying/storage case included;

Sony IER-H500A – choice of colors and rich sound

This model of headphones will attract more young people. A choice of five different colors will allow everyone to choose the right one for themselves. The special design of the plugs is quite comfortable in the ears. If you wish, you can pick up another nozzle by adjusting the headphones for yourself.

Inside are sensitive, 9-mm, speakers. They give a rich and clear sound despite the small size. Convenient to answer calls and switch tracks using the built-in microphone and remote control.


  sound detailing;

  deep bass high power;

  Case included;